The Best Cheap Summer Destinations In Europe

With summer fast approaching, beach destinations and resorts are quickly filling up so consequently, prices are rising. If you are planning to book your 2019 summer holiday soon, you either are ready to spend quite a lot of money or are looking for the cheapest destinations. If the latter, you are in the perfect place!

Trust me when I say that we have done a lot of research about the cheapest beach destinations. We LOVE the beach, so every year we always ensure that we have a summer destination in the diary – And when we do this, it’s always on a budget.

From all the places that we have visited in Europe, we’ve put together a list that combines both, beautiful beach destinations and budget-friendly holiday locations.

I have ranked them considering a price-value balance, where we are not only taking into account the low price of the destination, but also that you are getting good value for your money. This means this list is not assorted from cheapest to most expensive but ranked with my preference as the best and cheapest summer destinations in Europe.

1. Portugal

Portugal has to be one of the cheapest destinations I have visited in Europe. Here you can have coffees for just 1€ and dinner for as little as 8€. Portugal benefits from its prime location right in front of the Atlantic sea all throughout the country – So you have multiple choices for a beach destination within this country. Even Lisbon, the capital, is situated close to the sea and has multiple famous beaches in the area; but it’s the south of Portugal (Algarve) that is best known for its beautiful beaches and seaside scenery.

2. Spain

And of course, Spain, the classic summer destination, had to be on the list. Spain is number 2 because while it won’t be as cheap as other European destinations, you can find some of the most beautiful beaches in places like the Balearic Islands. You can read more about the islands on my post about why Menorca is my favourite place on earth.

But Spain has many different places you can visit for a summer holiday that might be cheaper than the Balearic Islands. Some of them are the Canary Islands, Valencia, Cataluña or Málaga. Whichever area you choose, there are multiple towns where you can stay depending on your budget, all distanced fairly from the seaside.

3. Cyprus

Cyprus is an often-ignored destination by the western countries, but it is a BEAUTIFUL place that is easily accessible from many people thanks to its low prices! I invite you to read more about this destination on my blog about why to consider Cyprus for a summer holiday.

4. France


France is destination that perhaps lays a bit too far from to the ‘cheap’ label. However, I have included it in this list because you are able to make a summer trip to France, cheap. Food is not expensive if you go to the right places and you can definitely find affordable accommodation as long as you don’t expect a luxury hotel. I like France because it is different from any other European summer destination. In certain areas of the French Riviera you are able to experience ‘luxury on the cheap’. If this is something that interests you, then I recommend that you check out our post about how to see Nice on a budget.

5. Poland

Finally, even though we have never been to Poland, we’ve added this country to the list because Poland has a very good reputation for its low prices! It is not a popular European summer destination because the Baltic sea is not as warm as those of the countries above, but it is common for Polish people to enjoy their summers at the local seaside. In addition, Poland is extremely cheap! To give you an idea, you can have a soup for just 1€. If you are interested, check out any of the towns around the Baltic Coast for a cheap, sunny holiday.

Thanks for reading! Hope this list of the best and cheapest summer destinations helps you plan your next summer holiday

Please let us know in the comments if you know any other places you would have added to the list or if you have a preference of any of the above!

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