Last year, when looking for a summer holiday, we came across the option of visiting Cyprus. However, coming from Portugal and Spain we didn’t really consider this country a summer destination. We didn’t know anything about Cyprus, including whether it had a good seaside. However, because we found very affordable flights, we started doing some research and found that Cyprus actually has a fabulous coast.

We finally decided to travel to the area of Larnaca and stayed at Ayia Napa for 5 days in September 2017. We didn’t arrive with very high expectations but we quickly fell in love with the place.

Here’s all the reasons why Cyprus makes an amazing summer holiday destination.

It’s cheap

Unlike other European summer destinations like Spain or Italy, Cyprus will enable you to find a nice accommodation for a relatively low price. We paid £330 for 4 nights in a lovely block of apartments where we had a huge flat for ourselves and a big communal swimming pool within walking distance from both the beach and the town centre.

The weather is warm off-season

Because of our work schedules, we couldn’t go on holiday during the peak summer months of July/August, so we had to book this trip for the end of September. We were anxious that this would mean we wouldn’t get the beach-time we wanted as the temperatures in European beaches tend to go down by this time of the year – or at least that’s what we thought. To our surprise, this didn’t apply to Cyprus. Here we experienced about 30º C every day during our stay.

The beaches are beautiful

But what we loved the most about Cyprus was the clean and beautiful beaches in the island. Even though these were pretty full during our stay, the water and the sand remained clean and transparent at all times. Some places we visited were: Nissi Beach, Protaras and Cape Greco.

You can see a snapshot of these beaches in the video blog we made of our trip to Cyprus below.


To us, Cyprus was a great discovery and we will certainly be visiting again for a beach getaway. The summer weather, clear sea-side and affordable prices make it the perfect summer destination. If, like us, you have never considered this destination before – what are you waiting for?


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