Your Summer Holiday Packing Checklist

If you’re travelling anywhere this summer then you are most likely going to have to pack a suitcase (hopefully hand luggage!) To help you with this task, I’ve created a packing checklist that you can print and tick off while you get on with your packing.

I have found that making a checklist is the best way to ensure you don’t forget anything – cause, let’s be honest – how many times have you forgotten your pyjama? Or your toothbrush? Or your phone charger? There’s always something that slips our mind.

Contrary to what you may think, checklist making is actually very fast and convenient – You can do this on the go with apps like Wunderlist or even on your notes app. However, now that you are here, you don’t need to worry about that. I have made a checklist that should work for everyone and for any summer holiday you need to pack for. So, if you’re too lazy to make your own checklist, feel free to always use this instead!

Your Summer Holiday Packing Checklist

And BAM! You’re ready to go on holiday.

Of course don’t forget to pack your handbag with:

  • Passport or ID Card
  • Mobile Phone
  • Hotel or Apartment details
  • Camera and charger
  • Wallet
  • Earphones
  • Book

Another trick I would recommend practicing is thinking exactly what you’re going to take for each of the things listed above. For example, you may have many dresses you want to pack but, practically, you only need to take 3 – don’t over-pack! 

I like to write down some outfit ideas next to each item. You can read more on how to pack light for a holiday here. In that blog post you will also be able to learn how you can avoid paying for additional luggage when you fly, no matter where or for how long you are going.

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments what else would you add to this checklist? And what do you use to ensure you don’t forget anything when you are packing?

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13 Replies to “Your Summer Holiday Packing Checklist”

  1. I’ve used a version of my own checklist for ages–I would suggest people start with something like you have and customize it for themselves, and then keep updating it as the trips go on. For instance, I don’t worry about pyjamas, and you need a number for the tops and trousers you will take.
    I would also start with the toiletries–those are the must-haves.

  2. I am minimalist and tend to take as less as possible. Therefore, my travel packing list is half smaller then that as I simply hate carrying luggage and keep it as small as possible. Moreover, smaller luggage less carbon emission to the environment 😉

  3. Thanks for such a checklist of packing for your summer holidays. I hate carrying much and sometimes when I have not planned, I overpack. Keeping a checklist like this handy helps a lot.

    1. I am glad you found it useful! It’s so important to think in advance of what we’re gonna pack otherwise I would also over-pack! Thanks for reading 🙂

  4. Your checklist is so handy when traveling this Summer. I’ve a few trips in the coming few weeks and can’t wait to refer your checklist!

  5. Summer holidays are my favorite as the weather is favorable and also I get lot of time during this break due to my kids school holidays. It is great to prepare some checklist before to avoid last minute rush or forgetting some necessary items. I am taking printout of this list as it would be really useful for me.

  6. So, kind of you that you made this packing list that is really helpful, especially for someone like me who always tend to forget things whenever I travel. Personally, I’m a lazy person when it comes to making checklist, so I’m thankful that you let us use your helpful packing checklist. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

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