If you are looking for seaside peace

Head to Viña del Mar. The long walk along the seaside is perfect for those looking to unwind. There are many restaurants near the coast for enjoyable dinners and the sunset time is stunning.

If you get good weather you can also enjoy some beach time. In addition, you will find a lot more options of hotels and apartments with swimming pool here than in Valparaiso.


If you are looking for culture, atmosphere and people

Valparaíso however offers a lot more lively atmosphere. This city is known for their incredible street art and colourful house hills. If you like to explore and lose yourself in local (and touristy) streets – This is the place for you. There are also many art galleries to explore so it’s perfect if you are an art fan.

In Valparaíso it will be more difficult to find luxury hotels, as it is more of a backpacking destination with a lot of hostels and chill out bars. This is a more recommended destination for groups of friends or backpackers, although you should visit the city regardless for at least a day as it has beautiful views too.


If you want to see as much as possible and get some sun

We stood a little in between the above two. We wanted to explore what Valparaíso had to offer while also taking some time for ourselves in a swimming pool.

Because there are limited hotels with pools in Valparaíso we decided to stay in Viña del Mar and visit the other city on a day-trip. The two are connected by underground and you can go from one city to the other in about 10 minutes by tube.

So if you are like us and want to explore both of the cities while maximising you sea and sun time, we recommend that you choose to stay at Viña del mar near a tube station so you can travel between Viña and Valparaíso as you like.

If you want to find some more visual inspiration to choose in which town to stay and learn more about what you can see in both of these places, see our video below. It shows Valparaíso first and Viña del Mar from minute 1:35.


Let us know in the comments what you have decided! If you have been, which of these two did you prefer?

Also feel free to ask us any questions below and we will be more than happy to answer.