The Best Things To Do In Stockholm

What to do in the beautiful city of Stockholm? The possibilities are endless. If you are visiting Stockholm, you will find lots of things around the internet that you can do. The Swedish capital benefits from a prime location that offers excursions, museums and many different areas to visit around both the city and the country. So, if you are overwhelmed by all the information out there – Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

I (Alba) recently travelled to Stockholm on a family trip for 5 days, which is much longer than I would usually take to visit a European city. This meant that we had more than enough time to explore most of the city; and having done this, I am able to tell you what are the best places to visit in Stockholm so you don’t miss out!

Here are, in no particular order, the best things to do in Stockholm:

Wander around Gamla Stan

The most famous area of the city and one that no tourist can miss: Gamla Stan – The old town! This area is surrounded by antique, beautiful buildings; and is where you can visit the Royal Palace and the Cathedral (Storkyrkan), which I totally recommend. If I remember correctly, the entrance to the Cathedral costs 6 Euros.

Right next to Storkyrkan is also the oldest square in Stockholm: Stortorget – You cannot miss this place! Here you can find the two most photographed buildings in the city and many cafés that offer beautiful terraces looking into the square – A lovely place to take a break from your exploring.

Visit the city centre

The centre of Stockholm also has a lot to offer. I recommend wandering around the different streets of the centre to get to know the Swedish capital. Some that you can’t miss are the shopping street (Drottninggatan), the stunning library and the amusing Town Hall. There is also a beautiful walk alongside the port, all the way from Gamla Stan until my next recommended spot – Djurgården.

Walk around the island of Djurgården

This bridged island is mainly known by tourists for containing some of most popular museums in the city, like the outdoor Skansen museum and the Abba Museum. If you visit during summer you’ll also have the option to visit a theme park situated at the edge and looking into the bay. But my favourite activity in Djurgården was walking alongside the bay towards the park. This area is most known by locals and 100% recommended if you’re lucky to visit on a sunny day!

Explore the Slussen Area and visit the photography museum of Fotografiska

Slussen was in construction when we visited, unfortunately, but the area offers amazing views of the coastal city. Here is also located the famous photography museum: Fotografiska; where not only the exhibitions are amazing but also, the museum has a café and restaurant in the top floor that also offers stunning views!

Take a ferry to visit Vaxholm

Lastly (but definitely not least), is the island of Vaxholm. This was hands down my favourite thing to do in Stockholm. The City of Stockholm is situated on 14 different islands – and Valxholm is one of the biggest ones.

One of the days we took a boat from the Ferry Terminal next to the national museum and, in less than 50 minutes, we arrived at the island of Valxhom without knowing what to expect.

To our surprise, this place was simply an island full of cute Swedish houses that made you feel like you were in a fairy-tale. I loved walking through its streets and sitting next to the bay, enjoying the peace and quiet of the place.

So, if anyone is wondering: Is Vaxholm worth visiting? YES IT IS!

In terms of how we got there, we took one of the local ferries for which you can buy tickets directly on the boat. I suggest that you check the schedules on this site, which really helped us plan our journey. They have direct boats and others that also stop on different islands and parts of Stockholm. There are also lots of touristic agencies that offer boat tours, but these are much more expensive and crammed with tourists! If you want to take a ride on one of the boats I recommend just taking the local ferries and do your own plan instead. You’ll avoid the crowds and save money.

Thanks for reading! Hope this list of the best things to do in Stockholm helped you.

Please let us know in the comments if you have been to Sweden – what was your favourite activity? And if you haven’t visited Stockholm yet, what else would you like to know?

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