If you are visiting Nice but don’t know exactly what do during your stay, this post is for you! This summer we spent 4 days in Nice and have collected a list of things for you to do in this beautiful French-Riviera city:

See the city centre and old town

The centre of Nice also has a lot to offer. For shopping, head to Avenue Jean Médecin, and while you are there, make sure to check out Place Masséna and the fun fountain park! (Fountaine Miroir d’eau) From there, you can head over to the old town through Rue Alexandre Mari. This will take you through some lovely antique alleyways, full of traditional French shop. This road ends up at the Justice Palace and courthouse, from where you can also visit the lovely local market at Cours Saleya.


Walk through Promenade des Anglais

This promenade is 7km long and offers a beautiful view of the sea from start to finish. If the weather allows it, we recommend you take the time to walk at least part of it to appreciate the beauty of the coast line. There’s also plenty of café’s and ice cream shops across the road to power you through the walk!

Visit Colline du Château Park

At the north end of Promenade des Anglais, where the beach ends, is located the famous ‘I love Nice’ sign, which apart from a classic touristic picture, also offers breath-taking views of the beach. From this location, you can access the park Colline du Château, either walking up the stairs or through a built-in lift which is of free access. This is a must-see spot, as the views from the top are spectacular. When you are there, make sure to also check out the waterfall in the park for a “refreshing” view of Nice!


Views from the Park Château

Spend a day at the beach

While the beach in Nice might not look the most desirable at first sight due to its crowds and rocks, the sea in this coast is one of clearest and bluest in Europe. In addition, the sea is often the perfect temperature to go for a swim – Just don’t forget to bring rock shoes!

Travel Tip: You can buy waterproof rock shoes in any touristic shop in the centre for around 10€.

You can also spend the day at one of the beach clubs if you are willing to pay for a sunbed. One of these will cost you around 20€ for the day.

1 day trip to Monaco or Cannes

If you have enough time, something to consider is doing a 1-day trip to a nearby city. Monaco and Cannes are only a 20-minute train journey away and they are highly feasible to see in 1 day! A train ticket won’t cost you more than 10€ return.

Here’s a small video of our trip to Nice and some of the things we saw!

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Thanks for reading! Let us know in the comments if there is anything else you’d like to know about Nice and we’ll do our best to answer.

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