Welcome to our little corner of the internet. We are Nas and Alba.
We fell in love with travelling after visiting Santorini, Greece, on our first trip together. A couple of years later, we embarked on what was, at the time, the biggest and best trip of our lives – Chile. We backpacked most of this South American country in only 2 weeks; and even though we were waking up every day at 5AM, we soon realised that we had never felt more alive.
In Chile we discovered the most amazing landscapes


 That is when I (Alba) decided to build this platform: NALBA TRAVELS

Our mission is to share every single useful tip that we learn while traveling, so that others can maximise their trips and enjoy travelling the world to the fullest. 

Through our social media channels we also want to inspire others to get out of their comfort zones, travel around, move abroad and learn more about the world.

"There is something about travelling the unknown that fuels your soul and broadens your horizons"

The blog and YouTube channel is ran by Alba but you’ll also see Nas in some of the photos, videos and most of the times behind the camera and the ideas!

Here’s some fun facts about us, so you can get to know us a little better:

We are from…

Europe: Alba is Spanish and Nas is Portuguese.

We met…

At university. We both studied at Lancaster University (UK) and met during our second year.

We live…

In Dubai! We recently moved to the UAE and before that we lived in England for six years, three in Lancashire and three in London. Nas also lived in Thailand for four months with a study abroad program!

We Work…

Full-time in corporate roles. We invest in our professional success so that we can have more money to travel! Outside of that, I work on NALBATRAVELS and my dream is to make a living while travelling.

We Travel…

In our free time. As a couple, have been to 3 continents, 16 countries, 36 cities… and counting!

We like to maximise our annual leave to visit new countries and get to know new cultures. In this blog, we will be sharing all our tips to traveling while having a full-time job.

Thank you for reading! We are excited to share our view on travel and life on this blog. Please remember to subscribe below so that you don’t miss any content and don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel where we share more about our trips.

We would also love to hear about who you are! Leave us a comment below so we can connect and learn about your travel experiences as well.