The Best Things To Do In Berlin, Germany

Our latest visit to Berlin was completely different to any European cities we have travelled to recently. The truth is, Berlin doesn’t have stunning buildings like Rome or Paris, but it does have a hell of an amusing history to learn from. In addition, Berlin’s underground scene is super interesting to say the least!

Having said this, if you are visiting Berlin for a couple of days, we recommend that you immerse yourself in the different unique traits of this city: Not only visiting the cultural sites but also seeing Berlin’s punk culture and learning about its conflicted history.

Here are our top things to do in Berlin:

Visit Museum Island

One of the main touristic attractions sits in this “island” in the middle of the city. If you have enough time, it is recommended that you get a multi-pass that allows you to visit all the main museums in Berlin. We didn’t stay enough time to do this but have heard very good things about the museums here. So, if you are interested, getting this pass will most certainly save you money and time!

See the Berlin Wall Memorial

This site was our favourite cultural spot. It is completely free and very educational. The coolest part is that they have conserved a part of the wall and displayed it exactly as it was during the time it was up; including the security gates and towers, for visitors to better understand how the wall was used and how difficult it was to climb it.

Wander around East Side Gallery

Another amazing side of the Berlin Wall sits at the East Side Gallery. Here, a huge part of the remaining wall has been covered with art by very talented artists. In addition, this area is located by the river and makes a beautiful walk on a sunny day! There usually is musicians playing and a food truck to grab a bratwurst or a beer.

Visit Brandenburg Gate and the Jewish Memorial

Two other very famous cultural sites that are right next to each other are the Brandenburg Gate and the Jewish Memorial. These two are a must-see and the surrounding area is great to walk around.

Stroll around Tiergarten

Tiergarten is the biggest park in central Berlin. If you go here, make sure to check out Café am Neuen See for a drink or a bite! This place is located by the river and specially charming when the sun goes down.

Watch the sunset at a high point

When the sky is clear, Berlin offers beautiful sunset views. We definitely recommend trying to catch the golden hour if you are visiting. Some places with the best sunset views are:

  • Berliner Fernsehturm (TV Tower)
  • Reichstag Building (Glass Dome) – Please note that you need to book tickets in advance to visit tis building. You can book them here.
  • Klunkerkranich rooftop bar

Go for dinner or drinks at Kreuzberg

The neighbourhood of Kreuzberg is a very alternative area that offers great cheap eats and bars to grab a drink. It is perfect for a drink or dinner out with friends! Make sure to check out Oranienstrasse as it is the main street.

Drive a bike through the abandoned airport of Tempelhofer Feld


Last but not least, one of our best memories of Berlin is this huge abandoned airport. Here, you can walk and ride over what used to be airplane runaways. You are able to rent a bike at the park so you don’t even have to bring your own.

Don’t forget to watch the video we made of our trip to see how all these places look!

Thanks for reading! Please let us know in the comments if you have been to Berlin – what was your favourite activity? And if you haven’t visited the Germany capital yet, what else do you want to know?

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