Have you ever considered Spain for a ski trip? Most people think of this country as a summer destination only – but what many don’t know is that in the winter, you can also find here some amazing Ski resorts!

In fact, skiing in Spain is great because temperatures tend to be much higher than in the Alps; and if you are an avid skier, you know how nice it is to ski when it’s sunny, am I right? In addition, prices aren’t even close to how expensive a Ski pass is at the top destinations in France. Average prices range at the 50€ mark for an adult.


Travel tip: Don’t forget to take sunscreen with you. I have personally had a 2nd degree burn on my face from skiing in Spain and it is not fun!

So, if you are planning a ski trip, find below the best snowy destinations in Spain. Thank me later!

Baqueira-Beret, Catalan Pyrenees

Possibly considered the best Ski resort in the country, Baqueira is situated in the Province of Lleida, about 275km away from Barcelona. This site offers 160km of skiable slopes with three bases to chose from.

Closest Airports:

  • Toulouse airport – 2 hour drive
  • Barcelona airport – 4 hour drive

You can refer to their official website here.

Formigal, Aragonese Pyrenees

Formigal is part of the Aramon Formigal Panticosa ski area and provides access to slopes in four different valleys. It is located in Huesca, under 2 hours away from Zaragoza and next to the French border. Formigal offers a total of 140km of slopes and is relatively close to other ski sites in the Pyreness like Candancú (1 hour drive) or Cerler (2.5 hour drive).

Closest Airports:

  • Zaragoza airport – 2 hour drive
  • Toulouse airport – 3.5 hour drive
  • Barcelona airport – 4 hour drive
  • Bilbao airport – 4 hour drive

You can refer to their official website here.

Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucía

Sierra Nevada is the mountain range in the south of Spain, Andalucía. It is located only 78km away from Granada and offers about 100km of skiable slopes. It is perfect for a multi-experience trip as you can do some skiing and visit the sea-side in the same holiday! Crazy, right?

Closest Airports:

  • Granada airport – 1.5 hour drive
  • Malaga airport – 2.5 hour drive
  • Murcia airport – 3 hour drive
  • Seville airport – 4 hour drive

You can refer to their official website here.

So, what are you waiting for to visit a Spanish ski resort? Let us know in the comments if you have any other questions or if you would like to read more about the Spanish ski scene.

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