A lot of people think that we travel simply to go on holiday, relax and unwind. But the truth is that most of our trips are everything but relaxation! We prefer to go on adventures, wake up early to explore and walk lots. So, if it’s not to relax, why do we love to travel so much?

First of all, with the years we have learned that spending money on experiences is much more valuable than spending it on things. The reward that experiences give you will always be much more impactful, and it will last a lot longer than any material goods ever will.

Here are all the reasons why travelling the world and exploring new places is so important and why you should do it more often!

1. Escape reality and return revitalised

It is important to take time out of your routines to think and rest from your daily responsibilities. Even though you can do this at home, removing yourself from the places and things you are used to will help you refresh yourself in a completely different and more efficient way. Seeing new landscapes, meeting new people and having new experiences will help you clear up your mind and come back to your routines with more power than ever.

The water in general makes us very happy and we love to go for a swim! Location: Krabi, Thailand

2. Re-discover your purpose

Sometimes we get so caught up in our day to day that we forget why we are doing things in the first place. Going away to explore a new place and seeing something new for the first time can help you remember your purpose or re-write your goals. It is when something shocking occurs in your life that it can change your outlook; so, when you live something out of the ordinary and you allow the world around you to take your breath away with undiscovered landscapes, the effect on your perspective in life can be just as impactful. Allow this beautiful earth to surprise you and guide you in your next adventure.

Brand new adventures are best for this. Location: Moon Valley, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.

3. Open your mind to new ideas and experiences

In addition, seeing things that you are not used to seeing and learning that your way of life is not the only one, will help your mind open up to exploring new ideas and listening to different points of view. When you are in different parts of the world, you will see people wearing different clothes, you will use new ways of transportation and you will adapt your behaviour to what is acceptable in different cultures. This is very important because it will help you grow as an individual when you are back home.

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

4. Learn to appreciate what you have

Travelling to unprivileged countries or villages will also open your eyes to how privileged you are. As westerners, we tend to take for granted our water, electricity or even our families. But seeing what other people are going through in their lives really helps you appreciate everything you have, and you will return to your home with a much more grateful mind-set.

Self-sufficient colony in Thailand

5. The food, the smell, the views

Finally, is the beauty of the undiscovered! While you have 4 amazing reasons above to travel often, why wouldn’t you do it when there is amazing food, smells and views in parts of the world that you’ve never seen? Seeing and smelling a new place for the first time has to be one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world. That is in addition to trying new delicious foods around the world!

We are super passionate about these 5 reasons because we truly think that if everyone had the chance to travel more often and live these sensations, the earth would be a better place.

And you, what are your reasons for travelling? Let us know in the comments!

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