Many travelers often avoid visiting Europe during winter due to the low temperatures in this season. In particular, cold countries like The Nordics. However, these destinations are amazing to visit at such time of the year for many different reasons.

A few years ago, we visited Oslo, the capital of Norway, during a long weekend in the middle of February – the coldest time of the year. You may think this is a bad idea but actually, we had an amazing time regardless of the weather and we made memories we’ll never forget. Oslo makes a great winter destination!

It’s cold, but…

1. It’s low season

Flights and hotel prices are extraorinarily low. While Norway is, in general, pretty pricey, you’ll be able to find a nice accommodation for a relatively cheap price. Some of these hotels even have an in-door pool and spa! – which is a lot more expensive during high season. In addition, there is a lot less tourists in the city so you won’t have to worry about crowds anywhere you go.

2. It’s snowed… and it’s lovely!

One of the most beautiful things about Norway is the snowed scenery during winter. The streets are snowed and the atmosphere is cozy, wintery and sweet. The city is decorated with winter lights and there even is an ice-skating ring in the middle of the main plaza!

My rationale is, if you are visiting a Nordic country, known for its snowed sceneries, why would you visit when it’s sunny just like anywhere else in Europe?


3. You can Ski

Something that amazed me when we visited Oslo is that you can access their ski site by tube… Yes, you get into the underground station, take a train, and in less than 20 minutes you will be at a Ski site! Isn’t that amazing? You’ll see people carrying their skis in the underground like the most normal thing.

Did you know that the highest ski jump in Europe is located in Oslo? It’s something amazig to see. If you are lucky, you might even catch a competiton when you visit since these happen in winter.


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