Menorca Travel Guide: Where To Stay, What To Do

If you follow me on any social media or have read my blog before, you know that I am in love with the island of Menorca. I have spent almost every summer of my life in this amazing island, so I know it from head to toes – But I can never get enough of it.

If you are reading this I assume that you are planning or considering a trip to Menorca. But, if by any chance, you still need some more convincing as to why you should visit Menorca, make sure to read my blog post about why Menorca is my favourite place on earth.

This summer we spent a week in Menorca and I also posted a YouTube video about some of my favourite places in the island – Don’t forget to check it out below!


In this blog post, I want to give you all the tips and tricks to visit Menorca to allow you to plan your holiday as best as possible and enjoy this Spanish paradise to the maximum. 

Let’s dive in.

Where to stay in Menorca

If you are visiting Menorca for a summer holiday, it makes sense that you stay at an area near the beach. However, this could mean pretty much anywhere in the island. The truth is, no matter where you choose to stay, you will most likely have a beautiful beach nearby – So don’t be too concerned about choosing the wrong area. There is no wrong place in Menorca because everywhere is beautiful!

Nevertheless, I am here to help you decide where to stay, by providing you with a list of the most popular areas in Menorca and the places where I would stay:

The South Coast

The most famous and touristic areas are located in the south of the Island:

Cuitadella: This port town in the west of the island is the most touristic area in Menorca. This is because not only it is located near some of the most famous beaches in the south coast, but also because it has a stunning cultural area in the centre of town. This is accompanied by a large range of restaurants to choose from and the best nightlife in the island. Something to flag, though, is that this area becomes extremely busy during the month of August.

Binibeca: For those who know the island well, is a famously calm and glamurous neighborhood. It is characterised by its white houses and rocky views to the sea. In addition, it is located only 20 minutes away by car from Mahón, the capital of the island; a great location to go for dinner, drinks, shopping or even watch the sun setting over the port.

Binibeca Vell

Other beautiful areas in the south of the Island where many beachfront hotels are situated are Cala Galdana, Santo Tomas or Son Bou. These areas are best for families or those who just want a relaxing and beach-only holiday.

The North Coast

It is more common that those who stay in the north of the island are regular visitors. However, you can also find family-friendly hotels and beautiful apartments in this side of Menorca. The most popular areas include Arenal d’en Castell, Son Parc and Fornells. The latter, is not exactly in front of a beach but it is well known for its charming white neighborhoods and beautiful long port where you can do all sorts of watersports!

Arenal d'en Castell

I also recommend renting a car in order to make the most of the island, especially if you are staying in the north. This is because Menorca doesn’t have great public transport links and, unless you stay in a hotel in front of the beach (and unless that is the only thing you want to do) – You will need a car to go around.

What to do in Menorca

Beach Time

The best thing about Menorca is its blue, clear waters and paradisiac beaches. So, of course, the main activity will involve spending time at the beach. Here’s a list of some of the most famous beaches, which you can’t miss!

Cala Macarella and Macarelleta
Cala Pregonda
Cala Mitjana
Santo Tomas
Platja de Cavalleria

Platja de Cavalleria
Arenal d'en Castell

However, it is worth noting that some of these beaches are of difficult access, needing long walks or boats to get to them. In addition, Cala Macarella and Mitjana get extremely busy during peak season. So, if you are very keen to visit these, make sure that you get there early to get a good parking and beach spot!

Travel Tip: Check the wind and sea before heading out as this could affect greatly the condition of the beach. If wind is blowing strong in the south, it is likely that the sea over there is rough and with potential jellyfishes and trash being brought into the coast. However, the condition of the beaches in the north will be the opposite. Head north if the wind is blowing south, and vice versa. I like to use 

Cultural Time

The Towns: Mahón and Cuitadella are also incredibly rich in their Mediterranean architecture. Although small, they are immensely charming and amusing to explore.

Sunset at Mahón Port
Ciutadella Cathedral

Prehistoric Sites: If temperatures are not too high you can also visit the prehistoric sites in Menorca where you will find stone constructions from the prehistoric era. You can find more information on where to visit these here.

Eating Out

Last but not least, eating out in this Spanish island is also an exquisite experience; as you would expect. Mahón and Cuitadella are full of well-known restaurants where you can have traditional food such as Paella and seafood. Other great areas to dine are Fornells and Es Castell.

Don’t forget to try Mahón cheese and the famous drink Pomada, made with Gin exclusively produced in Menorca

Thanks for reading, please leave a comment if you have any questions about visiting Menorca. Or if you have been – Tell me, what’s your favourite place in Menorca?

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