During my five years living in UK, I (Alba) have lived two years in London and 3 years in a town in the north of the country, situated 1 hour away from Manchester – Lancaster. In addition, Nas lived in Leeds for one of those years. This has given me the opportunity to visit multiple cities in this beautiful big country, both in the north and south of United Kingdom – And, while this may come to your surprise, I have discovered that when it comes to cultural visits, UK has a lot more to offer than just the big city of London.

Based on my experiences, I have put together a list of my top 5 cities to visit in this country.

Please note, I have not seen the entire country and this list is based off my personal preferences. I have, however, used three main criteria points to create the list: Cultural visits available, uniqueness and aesthetical beauty.

5. Bristol

Bristol is located in the southwest of England and it is greatly known for its Harbourside, where you can find multiple 19th-century warehouses that have been converted into restaurants, shops and cultural institutions such as contemporary art galleries.

However, my favourite part of Bristol was Clifton, where a beautiful suspension bridge is located; which offers stunning views of the city

4. Bath

Just next to the city of Bristol is located Bath, known for the remaining architechture of what was in the past Roman baths. This is a very interesting cultural visit and they are also very known for the spa’s in the area! The town is small but has a lot to offer for a relaxed getaway.


3. Liverpool

Liverpool, situated in the northwest of England, is one of my favourites. So much, that I’ve been visiting at least once a year for the last 4 years! There’s always something to do here. It is famously known as the hometown of The Beatles and there are multiple cultural spots about the band around the city. I particularly enjoy walking through The Royal Albert Dock on a (rarely found) sunny day.

2. Brighton

I fell in love with Brighton when I first visited for a summer camp when I was 16. Since then, I’ve returned multiple times to enjoy the soothing seaside vibes and liberating atmosphere. Brighton is situated about an hour south from London and is well known for its art and music scene, amongst others. It is perfect for a weekend getaway in summer. My favourite area is around Bond Street where you can find amazing niche shops and cafés and, of course, the iconic Brighton Pier.

1. Edinburgh

Finally, my recommended top 1 destination is Edinburgh; Scotland’s capital. This city is the most beautiful I have encountered in this country. It offers both an old, cultural town, as well as a lively modern centre. In addition, it is the city where I have found the most cultural activities available. Here, you can visit from the famous Edinburgh castle and Royal Mile to the Calton Hill Park that offers stunning views over the city.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions on any of the above cities, or you would like us to write an additional, detailed post about any of them, please leave it in the comments below.

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